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Bespoke HR solutions

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What we do

We build tools and develop solutions that use social, mobile, analytics, and cloud technology to boost HR  productivity, effectiveness and accessibility.

HR operations

Drives value using data, insights and technology while optimizing day-to-day operations and delivering mea business outcomes.

Workforce manager

Manages the total workforce, keeping pace with shifting demands through prescriptive data and analytics.

HR tech solutions

Creates value by building and deploying cloud-based HR solutions that elevate customer experiences and unlocks business insights.

HR analytics

Delivers personalised experiences at scale to support service delivery and business outcomes.


Meet the team

Partnering with Gabriel Dawn helps you stay competitive in an ever changing market.

We’ll help you build HR functions centered on employee experience enabled by platforms, data, analytics and AI.
Data Science & Analytics Consultant
Logistics & Supply Chain Consultant
Media & Creatives Consultant
Technology & Engineering consultant

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We believe our approach to the entire HR ecosystem is unique… but then, so is your business.